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You Got The Fever

(words and music by Joe Jackson)

Well, things are getting bad now

Since your woman left you, just can't do without it

The other day you even read a book

That tells you how to go about it

It says to join an evening class

Or hang around in zoos and railway stations

And gives you lots of lines to use

And how to make the best of situations

You know it's just a bunch of crap, you used to do okay

But that was long ago and far away


You got the fever

You got the fever

You gotta love her

And you gotta leave her

It's something you can't fight [hey hey hey]

Let's call it something polite

Like the fever of love

Fever of love

The girls that want you you don't want

The girls you want they never seem to want you

The girls at work are married

And the girls at dances never seem to want to

The girls in bars are always with a friend

Or waitin' for their new fianc

And you tell the barmaid you're just lonely

She just smiles and says: "That's what they all say"

So you look up some old number you said you'd never use

And tell yourself you win instead of lose


(harmonica solo)


(C) 1978 Albion Music Ltd. Administered in the U.S. and Canada by

Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Джо Джексон

You Got The Fever / Джо Джексон

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