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Trying To Cry

(words and music by Joe Jackson)

See the guy in the corner

The one who's draining another glass

There's a look in his eye

That I've seen so many times in the past

I've seen it in the mirror

And I've seen it in my friends

When we realize we've lost ourselves

And we try to make amends

He'll drink another two or three

And the room will start to spin

And then he'll try to let the feelings show

But he'll find he can't give in

You remember what your brother said

Remember what your brother said

"I'll tell the whole class if I see you"

You remember what your mother said

Remember what your mother said

"Never be a man if you do"

Now he's trying to cry

Now he's trying to cry

See the guy in the corner

Putting out another cigarette

Maybe someone is dying

From something that they can't cure yet

Maybe a lover is cheating

Maybe a lover just left

But something's gone, maybe forever

And it's something that he can't forget

You remember what your brother said ...

It's all right

It's all right

(C) 1991 Pokazuka Ltd. (ASCAP)

Джо Джексон

Trying To Cry / Джо Джексон

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