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Throw It Away

Wake up this mornin' and the paper's on the mat

Poor getting poorer and the rich are getting fat again

Up in the towers all the bosses sitting sneezing

A half asleep and the rest all start to squeezing

Don't worry 'bout it baby, don't try to understand

You got your answer in your hand, throw it away

Throw it away, throw it away

Throw it away, throw it away

Wake up this morning there's a letter on the mat

Big brother wanna know where little brother's at again

Life is a peace of paper, goes on forever

Sign on the dotted line or end up in the river drowned

Don't worry 'bout it baby

Don't try to understand

You got the answer in your hand

Throw it away

Джо Джексон

Throw It Away / Джо Джексон

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