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The Other Me

(words and music by Joe Jackson)

I guess we can still be friends

Guess we can talk at least

But if we were seventeen

Imagine the things we'd do

I know that those days are over

I'm glad that those games are won

And the winners ride off into the sunset

But it's not the same for you

And I don't want to play

Those nasty games that adults play

But I can't let you go

And I can't see another way


And I know that she's the only one for me

And you know that if I could split in two

The other me - would stay all night

The other me - would hold you tight

The other me - would be the only one for you

When I see you there alone

It almost breaks my heart

But it doesn't break enough

For me to break my whole life apart

I guess we can still be friends

And we can talk all night

But I have to bite my tongue

And sometimes words don't come out right

We're old enough to know

What we can think or say out loud

To know that hearts are not just

Cards to play when two's a crowd


The other me... would take you so far away from here

And he'd be... a man with a mission

The other me... might even be better than this one


(C) 1991 Pokazuka Ltd. (ASCAP)

Джо Джексон

The Other Me / Джо Джексон

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