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Look Sharp!

Big shot, tell you what

Tell me what goes on around here

Go on and get me in the corner

Smoke my cigarettes and drink my beer

Tell me that this world is no place for the weak

Then you can look me in the eye

And tell me if you see a trace of fear


You gotta look sharp

You gotta look sharp

And you gotta have no illusions

Just keep going your way looking over your shoulder

Okay, what you say

Tell me what they're wearing this year

Go on and laugh at me cause you don't see

That I got something going right here

Say I'm just a dreamer

Say I'm just a kid

Well ace, shut your face

Maybe you will see or hear


Big shot, thanks a lot

Gotta go it's getting late

I got a date with my tailor now

Thanks for putting me so straight

Tell me how they run the crime down every street

But check your watch and wallet now

Before I go and you're too late


Джо Джексон

Look Sharp! / Джо Джексон

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