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(words and music by Joe Jackson)

Lazy Gilly was a flower child

All the summer

Calmly running wild

She'd be silly and her friends just smiled

Pass the bottle

Wash the pills down - what went wrong

What went wrong


She don't care no more

She don't need to fight it

She don't care no more

She gets paid on Friday

Cooler weather it's not cool to smile

Pretty colours

Going out of style

It ain't so bad when you get used to it

Once you clock in

You'll take any shit - all right

Ain't that right


Monday morning Friday's far away

Pray you'll make it

It's a magic day

Bells will ring and you'll go out to play

Spend your money

Pass the bottle

Friday rules

Friday rules OK

Ain't talking 'bout Monday

Ain't talking 'bout Tuesday

Ain't talking 'bout Wednesday

Ain't talking 'bout Thursday

I'm talking 'bout ...


She gets paid on Friday, Friday, Friday ...

(C) 1979 by Albion Music Ltd. Administered in the U.S. and Canada

by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Джо Джексон

Friday / Джо Джексон

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