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Enough Is Not Enough

(words and music by Joe Jackson)

Slow down, you know you're leaving me behind

You seem to think that you can read my mind

You think I'm rich, you think I'm free

You wanna change your place with me

Be a leader then the blind can lead the blind

Happens all the time


Can't you understand...

Enough is not enough is not enough is not enough...

It's not enough

I've been filled with culture, I've been filled with lies

And compliments from people I despise

Shake my hand and sing along

Always getting one line wrong

Shout for more when I know I just died



So - when I think I know my way around

I'm gonna take a bus to the other side of town

Gonna stay out all night long

Gonna sing some strange new song

Lose myself and hope I don't get found

Don't ask me how


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Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Джо Джексон

Enough Is Not Enough / Джо Джексон

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