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Джо Джексон Джо ДжексонАнглийский музыкант, поэт-песенник и исполнитель


(words and music by Joe Jackson)


Trying to find Chinatown

Trying to find Chinatown

A hungry man

Can hold out a long time

For some soul food

Good food, whole food

I know I was that man

Maybe sometimes hold out a little too long

I took a right

Then I took a wrong turn

Someone asked me

For a quarter

It did't seem to fit

He didn't look much like a Chinaman


An old black man

Pushed a shopping trolley

Filled with tin cans

Avoided his glance

I'm nervous and I'm lost

And I don't see too many restaurants

A guy laid out

With a knife in his back

A cop came along

Told him, move on

Go home and sleep it off

I didn't know if I should get involved


(C) 1982 by Albion Music Ltd. Administered in the U.S. and Canada

by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)

Джо Джексон

Chinatown / Джо Джексон

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