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Джо Джексон Джо ДжексонАнглийский музыкант, поэт-песенник и исполнитель

Cha Cha Loco

You tied the knot

Don't bite the hand or it won't feed

What she ain't got,

be sure to make sure you don't need.

You can't go back.

You've booked the band,

so take your partner by the hand.

Cha cha cha loco

Cha cha loco

Cha cha cha loco

Cha cha loco

You like the dress (Huh).

It's out of mothballs once a year

The good champagne;

tomorrow night it's back to beer,

but now you're here.

You'll dance at night,

but never get the steps quite right.


Джо Джексон

Cha Cha Loco / Джо Джексон

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