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Angel (Lust)

[Vocal (Angel) - Dawn Upshaw

Vocal (Fallen Angel) - Suzanne Vega

Vocal (Soul In Torment) - Joe Jackson

Violin - Mary Rowell

Viola - Allison Cornell

Congas and Bongos - Sue Hadjopoulos]

Here's a young one

Hey, Rufus

How's the rain on the rhubarb?

You wanna go out with me?

(Yeah, I know we're out

it's, like, a figure of speech)

All you need is a real girl guide

Give it up and come inside

Slip the leash

Shake it loose

Bite the peach

Suck the juice

What did you call me?


What was that again?


Ave gloriosa virginum regina (Hail, glorious queen of virgins,

Vitis generosa, vite medicina noble vine, elixir of life, resin of

Clemencie resina mercy. Hail, abundant pool of


Ave copiosa gracie piscina cleanse him of the filthy dregs of


Carnis maculosa mund'illum sentina flesh in the basin of purification)

Mundicie cortina

Hey chicken

Is that your girl?

Bet she lays like a lump

What's your poison - lemonade?

Velveteen or a razor blade?

You wanna walk in the dark with me

To a place where no-one sees?

Kiss the glove

Pretty please

You wanna pray?

On your knees

What did you call me?


Say it again


Claritate radiosa, stella matutina, (Morning star, radiant in

Brevitate legis glossa, perte lex divina brightness, yourself a gloss


Irradiat doctrina the brevity of law, through


Venustate vernans rosa, sine culpe spina the Divine Law illuminates


Caritate viscerosa, aurem hue inclina its teaching. O rose blooming

Serves ill'a ruina with inward love incline your

ear hither and save him from


Hey sailor

How's the steam in the stovepipe?

Джо Джексон

Angel (Lust) / Джо Джексон

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