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Джанет Джексон Джанет Джексонамериканская певица и актриса, младшая сестра Майкла Джексона

That`S The Way Love Goes

Like a moth to a flame

burned by the fire.

My love is blind, can you see my desire?

That's the way love goes...(3x)

Come with me, don't you worry.

I'm gonna make you crazy.

I'll give you the time of your life.

I'm gonna take you places

you never been before and

you've be so happy that you came.

Ooh..I'm gonna you take there...Ohohoh


that's the way love goes.(2x)

Don't mind if I light candles

I like to watch us play and

Baby, I've got on what you like

Come closer baby closer

Reach out and feel my body

I'm gonna give you all my love

Oh sugar don't you hurry

You're got me here all night

Just close your eyes and hold on tight

Oh baby, don't stop, don't stop

Go deeper baby deeper

You feel so good I'm gonna cry

Ooohhh....I'm gonna take you there...ohohoh


That's the way love goes(2X)

(That's the way love goes,it goes,it goes...)

Like a moth to a flame

burned by the fire

My love is blind,can you see my desire?(2X)

That's the way love goes....

(rep. to the end

Джанет Джексон

That`S The Way Love Goes / Джанет Джексон

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