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Джек Джонсон Джек Джонсонамериканский спортсмен, профессиональный хоккеист

The Faultline

And by the way you know the hope will make you strange

Make you blink, make you blink, make you sink

It will make you afraid of change and often blame

The box with the view of the world and the ones who fill the frame

I turn it up, but then I turn it off because I can't stand

when they start to talk about the

Hurting and killing who's shoes are we filling

the damage and ruin and the things that we're doing

Got to, we got to stop, we got to turn it all off, we got to

rewind, start it up again

Because it fell across the fall line

And nothing's sacred anymore

Na na na na na na na na

Somebody saw him jump, yeah but nobody saw him slip

I guess he lost a lot of hope and then he lost his grip

And now he's lying in the freeway in the middle of this mess

Guess we lost another one, just like the other one

Energetic apathetic version of another person

Check out his outsides, ain't nothing in there

He fell across the fall line

and nothing's sacred anymore

Na na na na na na na na

Джек Джонсон

The Faultline / Джек Джонсон

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