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Birdowner As Seen On Tv

These are weird times

There's a widow in my street

She turns her husbands into birds

They've got claws instead of feet

A cage is in the garden

There's feathers in my phone box

Screeching, squawking, it sounds like talking

Damn noise never stops


See her at the market

She's buying all the seed

I walk right up and ask her

"Is there anything you need?"

I go "coo coo coo"

What else can I do

I go "coo coo coo coo coo"

What else can I do

I go "coo coo coo"

What else can I do

Every night she brings me in

And I fly around the room

There's a parrot who was a doctor

There's a finch who was a clerk

Two black starlings, former darlings

Changed the milkman just for a lark

The cops arrived at dawn

Things were getting out of hand

It seems she had her eyes on

Every single man

Fumbling with their handcuffs

They wanted her to fry

She was waiting in a garden

Watched them piggies fly

Jack Frost

Birdowner As Seen On Tv / Jack Frost

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