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Dem Niggaz

[Black Child]


Y'all niggaz don't know

But we about to fuckin let y'all know

You gonna get a motherfuckin up close interview

With the motherfuckin murderers

Niggaz is gonna let y'all know

About us

The Murderers

[Black Child]

I'm that nigga that just came home from jail

I'm that nigga that's lack as hell

I'm that nigga that don't give a fuck, I'm foul

I'm a murderer motherfucker, Black Child


I'm that balse bitch that'll scheme on your man

I'm that evil bitch that'll fuck up your plans

I'm so dangerous you can't fuck with this bitch

Vita, murda mistress

[Tah Murdah]


See I'm that nigga that'll hit 'em for dope

And I'm that nigga to bust a 4 and crush the rows

See I'm that nigga that'll kick in your door

And duct tape you, leave you unaware of where we take you

I'm that revolver spittin, barrel turnin

Hard headed nigga who never learned, but guns stay burnin

And I'm that nigga the quick feds heard of

Quick clip inserta

Bitch, Tah slash Murdah

[Tah Murdah]

Yo who that nigga Tah Murdah from Murder Inc

Oh, you that nigga killin niggaz before they blink

Nigga, do you know me

I don't think

Just spit it and get aquitted

And blow 'em outta sink

[Black Child]

Black Child a nigga from across the way

(Oh yeah I heard of you nigga)

Let the torred spray, ok

Poke holes in niggaz like OJ

With this gun play, niggaz we blow 'em away


Are you that nigga J to A R-U-L-E, probably

Up in the broad on Broadway (all day)

Herbs who learn the hard way

While y'all bitches pull late

We bring it any and every way


Джа Рул

Dem Niggaz / Джа Рул

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