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 Джа Рул Джа Рулхип-хоп исполнитель

Late Nites

Late nights goin down, here I am again.

Emptiness is my only friend.

Playin with emotions breakin up time,

baby baby on my mind.

Here I am, one more time

and your sweet face is on my mind

(On my mind)

Got no where to go, nothin to do

all i do is think about you, you, you

(Here I go again..)

Loneliness here I go..

(My only friend..)

I am so alone.

Here I go again, sittin up alone

Layin in the dark no one's home.

Cryin til it hurts,

bleedin til I die..

give me one reason.. why.

Джа Рул

Late Nites / Джа Рул

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