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Rebels Symphony


Lights out niggas! (Huh)

You clowns (Ha, Ha, Ha)

The Murderers is here now

The game has changed

You know what I mean

Nobody knows you anymore

Your records make no sense

You know what I mean

I just want to know, all I want to do,

I just want to know, how does it feel

Huh, let me know

What it feel like, huh

[Ja Rule]

I know y'all niggas is, thinking of thoughts,

how y'all gon' catch the Rule

It's, catch a dude and, send the feud

But it won't do, 'cause now I got a crew nigga

Black Child, Tah, Murda fucking Inc. nigga

O-1 and Vita, keep the dope and the heater

Or the fucked up, a hot two seater

As long as the love with me

Hoods will never forget me

I could put raps in them, and shine up the city

Like elected Frank Nitty, jot a Big Poppa

For reasons of, we run up in a big truck and pop ya

Midnight opera

Over the wheels, slug body marks, and pop up

[Tah Murdah]

Seem like y'all niggas ain't never gon' learn

Either you hitting, or the nigga getting hit

'Cause son, when I click and cock, my shit gon' pop

And never been, a small nigga

Always a score nigga

That be up in your braud nigga

You fraud nigga

Cop yae, from far, but never raw niggas

My A's and SK's will rob when it's war nigga

Product and money

So if you want fifteen, it's twenty

And if you less than ten, I won't bend

Or y'all niggas to run with it

Gun busting, I done did it

And anything else that come with it

You don't want it

If it's real, put the deal on it

Stand up niggas will have you sitting in chairs with wheels on them

And that murder shit, I'm still on it

Murder for life

Give a fuck if

Джа Рул

Rebels Symphony / Джа Рул

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