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The Rule Wont Die

Uh, uh, yeah, gangsta shit

Takin my word, y'all want this

They don't want none of me

They don't want none of me

Yeah, please believe it

Rule baby, unquestionable

Uh, uh, but you know that

Heck, I know that

Uh, ha, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]

What has this world come to

When a nigga like me could be perceived the American Dream

Life aint always what it seems, my younguns

Please believe strugglin, always provokes the hustlin

To that we accustomed

You get acquainted with everybody throughout the hood

Still don't trust 'em

Trust is a serious thing

Most niggas don't trust nobody they aint know since sixteen

Does that mean the devil is in us, of course

Who you think is holdin us up to fall short

Touch but don't taste, taste but don't swallow

And these are the rules that we 'posed to follow

People pray for eternity, never see tomorrow

They just, wishin the Lord would take 'em away from the horror that

I'm currently, bringin, y'all motherfuckers gonna hafta

Murder me, swingin bud, I won't die

[Verse 2]

Hear what I'm sayin, y'all niggas better start sayin prayers

Cuz a nigga wit no cares, is finally here

Say what I want, when I want, fuck police

Cuz my gangsta niggas know we own the streets

With the wind beneath my wings, ground under my feet

I'm the black rose nigga that grew from concrete

It's the Rule, get it right, or get it real hot

A whole lotta shots sent flying through your block [gunshot]

The one I need, and, oh, before I leave

Does anybody else feel they don't wanna breathe

Been menacing this society since conceived

And nigga you know cold hearts don't bleed

Still they

Джа Рул

The Rule Wont Die / Джа Рул

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