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Things Gon Change

[Verse 1: Ja Rule]

First off the snitch and that identity he claim

Fuck Dre partial, and emineim

Plus the world heard it before, they tired of them

And they waiting for that thug shit from Rule' again

And Proof can bomb Proof your hummer then

Put a vest on yourself and your chilld-ren

Teacher be scared of death of them muderin'

Niggaz that like to put holes through chins'

In case y'all don't know about my savages

They'll kidnap you kid's, put em over a bridge

Got em'reminiscing to N-O-T-O-R-I-O-U-S

you just lay down slow

I blaze out in the six while letting the fifth go

I think "Big" as if I was wanted on deathrow

We tha world famous, murder inc we infamious

Fo' making bangers, and bangin' hammers shit

[Chorus - Ja Rule And Black Child]

[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change

[Black] I ain't gonna lie when the heat wave high everbody gotta die

[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change

[Black] You better believe it, we stoppin' niggaz from breathin, poppin niggaz then leavin'

[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change

[Black] One way or another, we gangsta's from the gutta, we shot ya then cut cha'

[Ja] Thing's Gon' Change

[Black] Ja, you ain't never lie when the heat wave high everybody gotta die

[Verse 2: Black Child]

As I sit back relax, cuttin' crack loadin' gats

I think about these sexy rappers that I wanna clap

I'll probably go to jail fo' sending "50" to hell

If I lay banks down yayo going down

Fatal' will help him write his raps in brown

Black Child is Black now, Rule is crack sells

"IG" nigga the boss of all bosses

making money off music, murder, and torture

Who got what it cost for a coffin

Nigga you a dead man walking, this is extortion-aca

Джа Рул

Things Gon Change / Джа Рул

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