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Its Murda (Freestyle)

(feat. Hussein Fatal)

[Intro Ja rule]

It's Murda... (ha ha ha)

It's Murda... we back up in this muthafucka!

It's Murda... y'all know who we be

Yeah, aiyyo don't let me catch ya runnin from the back of BET either nigga

(my nigga Fatal on tha muthafuckin ones and twos)

Holla back you bitch ass niggaz

[Verse 1 Ja Rule]

Yo, cock sucka', I get squat and post and cocked tha nina'

In tha five series beamer, dump and lean ya

I fell off on a misdemeanor, ride red over black madina's

Take crazy for genuis, hated like Jesus Christ

My weakness have always been bad bitches

and new bills with krisis', my thesis more than extrordinary

And that nigga that got shot nine times can tell ya that I don't give a fuck

I don't give a fuck, god may I ask yo' permission to take his life

This is a man be "I" N-C to R-U-L-E extrordinary, one for tha ages

when then sawed off with tha front of them gauges

To engage in combat

To send you and 'fem' where yo moms at

Motherfucka you hear that

And I ain't talkin about them heaven from skies

I'm talkin' about them fire from nines

Or maybe the fifty cal. cause you like five-oh

Or maybe somewhere in Cal where you like to lay low

You bitch made, and I heard about that bitch

you be slayin layin up with, some where off of Sunset

Y'all haven't heard yet that nigga change is "Loose"

And I got "Proof" get it, I got "Proof"

Yo vest is no use when we cock and flame

It's Murda, (yeah) murda incorporated (ha ha)

[Verse 2 Hussein Fatal]

It's Murda (yeah)

Hussein Fatal nigga (It's Murda)


Rule' these niggas crazy, reppin' him without me

"A.I" ain't in tha click, believe they wonc12

Джа Рул

Its Murda (Freestyle) / Джа Рул

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