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Daddys Little Baby

It's my heart


Daddy's little baby, must learn this world is shady

And the color of your skin don't make you less of a lady

Degrade yourself, never cuz I'm teaching you better

Life ain't all about cheddar diamonds and leather

Understand you a black sister, in this white man's

World, don't let it get ya, down girl

It's essential that you grow amongst your group

So you don't grow too fast and be doin lord knows who

Cuz daddy loves you, don't let nobody tell you different

What I, do for a living is a talent I'm given

And I'ma raise you too black too strong beautiful

Tell the truth let you know what women go through

Lies and deceit, the nigga you love he gone cheat

So be careful in the heat baby girl wit cold feet

Keep yo head steady, baby this world ain't ready

Make me proud you daddy's little baby ha


I'll always come back to you

I'll always come back to you

I'll always come back to you

You're my baby now and ever

Yo Ja's imagery is somewhat like God and his chemistry

Blasphemy, I tell my baby girl proudly

Put her over my knee and let her know this world is yours

Men are dogs take it from daddy and hold yours

Head high lady, love is bout lies and deception

Will always be seen through the eyes

In my demise don't cry just, hold on

Stay headstrong and live to learn that life goes on

The day you was born God answered my cry for help

I look at you a female replica of myself

I was conceived 229 you 922

God' whats the science in this sign you threw?

I wanna know just so I can spread the jewel to my youth

So she don't have to come up like I did runnin loots -ac

Джа Рул

Daddys Little Baby / Джа Рул

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