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Thug Life

(feat. Case)

[Ja Rule]

Ja Rule, yeah

Irv Gotti, uh, huh

Big Rob, haha

It's how we do it

Yeah, it's my life


What's the matter with your life?


Everything from the evils to price, from the guns to mic

I'm livin' my life runnin' through hell with no wife

It's a sin, but I tell my lost soul to win

Go to bed and die, then wake up breathin' again

Cuz I'm all in even though shit ain't right

I wake up, sweating my life every night

Tell me, is you the devil that gon' get me?

Or is God don't feel like bein' bothered with?

So hard to hit me, but this life I sacrifice

Fuck chrome lines in the dark, my daughter gon' see the light

If I die young it's cuz a nigga too high strung

Got a scary love for guns but too much weed in my lungs

Still niggaz screamin' Ja's the one

Chosen like God's only begotten son

It's my life


Thug life, everybody needs a friend

Thug life, we all got a space to fill

Thug life, everybody wanna be on top

Life, it ain't that funky

Yes he's got that dropping

Tell me, what's the matter with your bitch?


Baby, I don't respect shit, with diamonds and live reckless

Pushing the six, top speed, getting my dick licked

I'm childish, one of a kind, one of my own

I'm about to take these freak hoes to levels unknown

Touch a little, later on, fuck a little

The more resist the better, I'm in it for whatever

Feel me, I don't need weed to get high

Some good head make a nigga kiss the sky

No lie, but if she ain't right, turn the lights off

Put her on her stomach and fuck her 'til ya dick sof

Джа Рул

Thug Life / Джа Рул

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