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The Pledge (Remix)

(feat. 2Pac, Ashanti, Nas)

[Ash] There's no me

[Nas] In the beginnin, it was me (blastin) Nas (I'm blastin)

[Nas] I stood alone (Ashanti) but now

[Ash] Don't you know that I will never leave

[Nas] Murder Inc. y'all

[Jah] It's MURAHHHHHHHH! Nigga, HA HA!

[Nas] It's over now; y'all know that right? (Irv Gotti!)

[Nas] Ill Will baby

[Ash] It's Murdah, for life

[Verse One: Nas]

My enemies want sorta the same respect I was born with

Godson, tatted on my chest it's permanent

The rap Albert Anastasia; you cowards

Y'all want the crown from the black power man of Asia

Snap out your dreams and prayers of takin a king's paper

Ask another rapper how it feels to lose his whole gangsta

(How it feel?) Youse a no namesta - ya little mans is no threat

You make me upset I might stank ya (blastin)

Inc. is the Murdah, Ill Will merger let my cash

make sex with yo' cash, it can't hurt us

Phones ringing off the hook, Bush and Bloomberg callin me constant

Streets wanna know the cause of that gossip

Nas is lord of the projects 'til the coffins drop

in the ocean like a Amistad slave overboat when

It's a new day ya should be scared I'm back with Stoute

Southside, Queensbridge, the hood's in here

[Chorus: Ashanti (Nas)]

There's no me (uh talk to me) without you (There's no me y'all)

I can't be (I.N.C.) without you (Ill Will now)

Don't you know that I will never leave (talk to me now)

Leave you (It's no me y'all)

All I need (I.N.C.) need is you

There's no me

[Jah] Yeah - you talk to these niggaz Gotti

[Irv] B-b-b-blastin! Ic

Джа Рул

The Pledge (Remix) / Джа Рул

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