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Smokin And Ridin

(feat. 0-1, Jodie Mack)

[Ja Rule]

Gangsta.. you know

Huh, gangsta, c'mon, hehe

Uhh.. got my nigga Vin Diesel in the house, y'know

Number one movie in the country and all that

Haha! Yo..

[Chorus: Ja Rule]

Nuttin but some gangsters, smokin and ridin (YO!)

Come on get high with us (NIGGA!)

Come on and ride with us (BITCHES!)

Cause, we're.. nuttin but some gangsters (YO!) smokin and ridin (YO!)

Come on get high with us (C'MON NIGGAZ!)

Come on and ride with us (YO!)

[Ja Rule]

Hey baby; c'mon and hop in my fo'-three-oh, S-E

And let's see, how quick you fall victim to this G

I'm a gangsta BITCH, a mack like Goldie

But I never let the strength of this money control money

Niggaz is somethin like pimps, the Rule is an O.G.

I make three G's a day, thirty-three a week

And my hoes hardly speak - they smoke while they ride

Just, blowin the driver, when I'm one car behind ya

(Nuttin but some gangsters) on Daytons and lowriders

And three-wheel motion, bumpin Tha Eastsidaz

I love Cali-for-ni-ay, on a hot day

Where the green is wetter, and the head is even better

(So get high tonight.. and if you rollin like I'm rollin

you ridin right.. and if she fuckin with them gangstas

ain't nuttin nice.. and if you knowin what I'm knowin

then live your life.. cause, we're..)


(Cause, we're..)


(Nuttin but some gangsters..) Ridin by in them big trucks

Chrome wheels spinnin and killin niggaz with big bucks

See baby I came up, from bein a thug

From a nigga sellin them drugs on the corner throwin up slugs

(Show me love!) All of y'all biches wanna ride with us


Джа Рул

Smokin And Ridin / Джа Рул

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