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[Ja Rule]

I represent Gangsta Shit

Niggaz that spent time on the brick for keys on the strip

Loadin my clips, givin ass niggaz the shits

Life's a bitch, gotta murda to get rich

And infamous, that's when the game gets deep

Gotta re-up, cop heat and hit the streets

Now the feds is buggin me, D.T. straight fucking me

The whole operation shook, bitches ain't loving me

No more, see, I gotta make a switch

Should I lay low or run wild and stick shit

Ran up a team, that's striclty dedicated to cream

It's time to go outta town and wash niggaz clean

For everything they got, leave nothing to spare

But the shells on the ground when that ass is shot

And once again it's hot, but this time there's a snitch

Thought he was dead when he got hit in state Mich.

Turn states to evidence, we on the run

Reprisentin all illegal drugs and guns


Where all my gangsta niggaz at?

Supply the town with coke and Hen(Hennesey) and cuban contacts

We keep them coming back, plus the one's that copped crack

Raw cut, overdose off the feedback, alone

Intoxicated from the Cognac, charge that Al Capone suite to Ammex

Valley to Lex, that black hand is on deck

We rollin in, peelin notes off of G stacks, We Murderaz


This fuckin life's got me feeling like a lefty

It's aight, I'll go hard, make sure this world don't forget me

It's like my game's virtual, based on reality

I'm speeding like a bullet at high velocity

You think you stopping me, I think not

Ain't too many who known to do it properly

I'm likely to get so high like Tony be, toasted bein free

And trip out occasionaly, you know

Cause it ain't nothing for me to touch you

But for you t

Джа Рул

Represent / Джа Рул

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