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My Hommies

My Hommies

to all my cuz,

i put u, before the father,

i realize i cant,

but bear wit me!

GOD bless!

all yo ma doggs,

and yo mya cats,

keepin' it reel,

GOD bless

yo just excess,

i pray for yo success,

though yo need no help,

GOD bless!

in time of need,

i dont need to pleed,

for without greed,

GOD bless!

your charm and bliss,

kills the pain,

releases me ,

off my pain,

GOD bless

dont worry my sisters,

for foever,

i'll be wit u,

in my heart,

God bless!

i ask the father,

to make us a crib,

so we can all chill,

in the same spot,

and have some sips,

GOD bless!

Submitted by kevin oduor (eddcorn@YAHOO.COM)

Джа Рул

My Hommies / Джа Рул

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