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Murda For Life

(feat. The Murderers)

[Ja Rule]

Busta ass niggaz

Busta ass niggaz

Let's ride on they ass

This is murda for life

This is murda for life

This is murda for life

This is murda for life

Hater, it's murda

What the fuck you gonna do?

Murder I-N-C

We gangstas y'all playas

Now we took your shit

When we start for war

[Tah Murdah]

Yo, yo, whether y'all niggas feel it my gangsta or not

Guns will pop niggas will drop

Flip figgas and build stocks

And I still rock with niggas that slang them thangs

Fasinated by his life and what I could bring

It's a good thing when good niggas cling together

It's a hood thing guns sling hittin who ever

I'm after the cheedar

Niggas that's someting you must know

Get touched for any grand my plans is the gusto (nobody can live)

Bitch nigga walk with it switch nigga

Wound up in the ditch nigga

Get fucking around

Throw you body over the bridge

And watch you drown

Yeah, it's murda when I cock it back

[Black Child]

Yo mutherfuckas love to hate us

We got slugs for traders

Big John-Dub paper drug flavors

We coke dope mess tabs and ease

Fuck around and I'll open up a spottin spree

If I did niggas will probably snitch on me

Cuz some of these niggas in the industry

Is like bitches to me

Ya'll ain't seen nothing this black since Biggie

You never seen gat this big that pretty

(Motherfuckas) you Murda I-N-C

(And I touch) bitch niggas get it for free

(Motherfucka) if I can't live niggas die to night

It's Black Child, Hollis Ave

Murda for life


[Chorus: Ja Rule]

This is murda

Джа Рул

Murda For Life / Джа Рул

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