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Last Temptation(feat. Charli Baltimore

[Ja Rule]

Yeah, yeah, heh

You feel that

Can you feel that

Yall cant feel that, heh, yeah

We gonna do it like this

Real old school, shit

Take them back to the parks and shit

Do it like, we used to do it, you know

DJ Irv days, and shit


Lets all get high, get out, feel free tonight

Temptations, is tempting

To have the time of your life

Lets all get high, get out, feel free tonight

Temptations, is tempting

To have the time of your life

[Ja Rule]

Come on y'all, tonight somebody sho nuff

Gon' tear the club the fuck up as soon as I hit the scene

All eyes on us, mean, and so vicious

A good nigga, bad intentions

Not to mention, them 12 engine benzes with fish lenses

We park right out front

To handle our business

The broads on the way in

Showin a little attention

Like, i fucked before but aint never call

Thats life you either love to live it

Or just live it, i live it to the limit

Champaigne finish gangsta

Image, platinum shades swingin

Then i do that 2 step that niggaz do

We dont really dance

We just rub the dick on the ass

And fill the glass with nothin but ??

And if they pop it gettin the poppin with me

Get my niggaz tonight baby, lets partaay!


[Charli Baltimore]

Yo, uh

Now a party aint a party till chuck come through

Bring who? Rolled dolo jeans over Manolo's

Duke says I look better out the photos

And hotter in person, hottest when I'm cursin

Love my bitch thuggelbees

Strokin my ego, then he go

For the bubbly, nigga love me

We go to the vehicle, talk dirty

Past flirty, flight leavin at 5:30

It's hot in herre, foggin the windows

Bubble m's be the symbols through that!

Throw dat, I the designated driver

Chuck never the rider, gotta play

Passenger side beside them, whoa

Gotta be controllin when I'm rollin

Weed niggaz swollen, cock blocker

Hands on my knockers, he feelin them poppers

But Chuck never givin it up, livin it up

[Chorus 1x]

[Charli Baltimore]

Uh, Count me and My niggaz as OD'in

Rule got a bitch Korean, lap dancin

Off to the murder mansion, ride the shoulder

Benz and the Rover, Nigga we aint sober

Girl Interrupted, murder got me corrupted

With shots so that any lickin shots with the semi

Out the sunroof of the Bentley

Bottles all empty but niggaz got stashes

Never fuckin the glasses

[Ja Rule]

Ha, You know the Rule roll up in the party

Me and Charli, Ready to have them hotties

Rub up on my body, cuz after the club

Its the after set, with some pushin a little head

Is always the safe bet, she tell me V twizzy

In the Red Corvette, swervin lanes

?? a little pain and say what's my name, Rule Baby!

You know it, now lets get high

Take a ride with me tonight, yea

[Chorus 3x]

We gotta give a dance to this shit here ha-ha

Uh Murder Inc shit,

Heh, yea Rule baby

Chuck B-More, its a family affair

Can you feel it, can you feel it

You cant feel it, heh


[Chorus 1x]

Come On Yall!

[Thanks to Adame222000@yahoo.com for correcting these lyrics]

Джа Рул

Last Temptation(feat. Charli Baltimore / Джа Рул

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