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How Many Wanna


Yeah, yo, yo, uh

Ja Rule, huh, Murder Inc. nigga

(How many wanna die with me?)

Come on, come on

Yo, yo

1 - I'mma ride to the end of the road baby

This life gon' drive me crazy

Been gettin' high lately

Wonderin' when the Lord gon' take me

Where the fuck my gangsta's at? (Yeah)

Where the fuck my bitches at? (Ohhh)

Never gon' see shit without the Lord, they say

What's a nigga to do but kneel down and pray?

Lord, forgive me

They're lookin' down on shit

Sometimes I feel I need out this shit

Spin it 'round one time

Close my eyes, then click

Once I'm dead, maybe I'll deserve all this

World, get off of me

Niggas hitting at Ja from what it sound like

Shit niggas hitting at Rule, don't even sound right

Like I'm that nigga that went platinum damn near over night

You're all welcome, niggas know you wanna live my life

May God help 'm

I'm possessed by my sacrifice

Bitches and ice got me lovin' hell's paradise

You feelin' me?

Repeat 1 (2x)

My life is caught up in some other shit

But I do deal with it

If it floods your heart, live it

Nigga don't die up in it

Just cause my soul's trippin' outta control

Smashed up on the freeway

It's gotta be the drug role, give me lee-way

Cock it back and unload murderers don't fold

Any actions need to be shown?

There we go, lots of holes

Always rap upon my foes

I keep niggas on they toes

Bitches know to get that dough

Niggas know fuck them hoes

We that heat that can't be froze

We that burn that leaves you cold

We them guns you can't unload

We that platinum, not that gold

We them niggas you just can't touch

We them niggas that's just too much

Y'all don't wanna fuck with us

We them niggas, murderers

Repeat 1 (2x)

2 - How many wanna die wit me?

Repeat 2 (8x)

How many wanna die wit me, die wit me?

Evidently these niggas want me out my mind

If you had your way, I would be dead on sight

But I shed my pain, so now my love is life

Niggas hatin' on Ja, and shit ain't half as tight

Hey, you feeling me?

Niggas don't wanna get to close, I'm cut throat

Throw em away like bad coke

You ain't know?

Ja Rule's a killa nigga

Ain't the one to be fucked with

Fuck around, get dealt with

Cock and slide and pull the clip

Nigga ya fearin' this

Repeat 1(2x)

Repeat 2 (7x)

How many wanna die wit me, die wit me?

Repeat 2 (7x)

How many wanna die wit me, die wit me?

Repeat 2 (7x)

How many wanna die wit me, die wit me?

Джа Рул

How Many Wanna / Джа Рул

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