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25 to Life

[Wyclef talking:]

Yo to my people doing time, Xzibit, Juvenile, y'all need to

Nature, Ja Rule, Reptile come on

bring the heat.


Look, I'm inhumane livin' in this house of pain

stuck with a thousand street hustlers

down on they luck

Repeat felons caught up with the death I was sellin'

and for the past three months yo I can still hear my victims yellin'

but I can't listen to my conscience it's nonsense

if I didn't shoot I'd be the nigga in the suit in the box under the ground

fox chased by the hound locked permanent frown Xzibit get down

by liftin' iron by the pound for the tough individual

runnin' run his mouth throw some hands with the General

walk one day in the shoes of a criminal

death disease keep your luxuries to a minimal

I'm not talkin' about weed, jewels,

Джа Рул

25 to Life / Джа Рул

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