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Im A Bad Bad Man


I'm honored, I'm flattered,

This greeting really mattered.

This welcome is grand

But I'm really concerned.

I like your attention

But this I have to mention

You're playing with fire

And up to get burned!

There's a girl in Tennessee

Who's sorry she met up with me

I can't go back to Tennessee,

I'm a bad, bad man!

There's a girl in Omaha,

But I ran faster than her Pa,

I can't go back to Omaha

There's a girl in Wyoming,

And they're combing Wyoming

To find a man in white

Who was out with her that night!

There's a girl in Arkansas,

The Sheriff is her brother-in-law,

I can't go back to Arkansas,

I'm a bad, bad man!

I'm enlightened, but frightened.

Though my int'rest you've heightened.

It might turn out to be

That too much, too much for me!

So I'll go back to my tent,

And someday when you're old and bent,

Think of those you might have spent

With a bad, bad man

Ирвинг Берлинский

Im A Bad Bad Man / Ирвинг Берлинский

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