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Listen With Nicko! Part III


: Hey Nicko, wake up the tape's rolling...

Ah! ok now, well! What you doing letting me go to sleep now? Yeah, ah! Did you say the tape's rolling? Well look here, I mustn't....I can't go to sleep in the studio....time costs money don't it, you know what I mean. It's what she said last night... Hahahaha! Yes, she cleaned me out, she did, I tell ya. Don't tell the wife though...be in you know proverbial shit creek without a paddle, or should I say without the old pussy. Ooh ooh! You know, no nookie for a year, watch out. Might not even have any nookie ever, cause she'll probably chop my head off. Hmmm, yeah, that's a bit... that's a thought...gotta watch out.

Anyway! Lucky you, welcome to "not alot of people knew that, or know that, or even still don't know it -- notes number three". Ding! Love it! Purgatory and Genghis Khan are in your proud possession. And you have probably just had an assortment of audible boosting out of those speakers right into your lug holes. And you've also got Killers, Innocent Exile, Remember Tomorrow and Running Free... Maiden Japan. Released 14th of September 1981, that little lot was... We'll get to that in a minute.

Anyway, Purgatory, eh, Genghis Khan...well the boys, didn't they...they had the only non-top-50 single ever? Where was I? Hmm. Anyway! Well that's enough of that. Uuuh, released the 15th of June, Purgatory and Genghis Khan were, or was, hmm. And it's just been released again, hasn't it? Cause you are the proud owner of it, and you're listening to me again... oh no, they say...oh no...ten sick toads to bail me out... oh no, it's Nicko...Ohhh! Well look here, it's a little bit of trivia for you on this one. I know that not alot of people know this, cause I even didn't know this, and I'll admit this....I did not know this, all right.

Iron Maiden

Listen With Nicko! Part III / Iron Maiden

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