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Justice Of The Peace


Have you heard on the news

Another let off madman

Another screw on the loose

Is it the judge or the badman

What's the matter these days

No one has the courage to put them away

Nobody has any faith

'Cause there's a breakdown of justice and order


Watiting for justice, waiting for justice of the peace

Waiting for justice, waiting for justice of the peace

When I remember back the memories of yesteryear (they really say 'yesterday')

With all the friends and all the times

When people were carefree

And walking down the street

When everyone knew everyone

And all the houses doors were open

No had to care those days are gone

Those days are gone


I long for the times when you could

Wander down the street unharmed

When poeple didn't have much money

But didn't seem to care

It must be the cynic in me

But I don't really like things now

The violence, the attitudes

Aggression that you see everyday

A sick society looks the other way.

Iron Maiden

Justice Of The Peace / Iron Maiden

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