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Soul Mistake

Promises are carved out of lust

With a fire in the heart

That burns with no regret

I vow to play the part

In this a meeting of the soul

My feelings are unknown

I learn with no regret

I'm getting what I get

Feel some pain though I'm miles away

And ring to let you know

Are you seeing someone

I'd better let you go

She said this was a lesson in love

She said this was a love to end all loves

This soul never listens to me

This soul has a lot to learn

Honesty eludes one and all

Like some gypsy's search for gold

He's dreaming all the time

But the gold is hard to find

Made a mistake with myself

My lover couldn't lie

She told me of the things

That made her cry inside

Having the dreams of some gypsy


Soul Mistake / INXS

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