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Leif Erikson

She says It helps with the lights out

Her rabid glow is like braille to the night.

She swears I'm a slave to the details

But if your life is such a big joke, why should I care?

The clock is set for nine but you know you're gonna make it eight.

So that you two can take some time, teach each other to reciprocate.

She feels that my sentimental side should be held with kid gloves

But she doesn't know that I left my urge in the icebox

She swears I'm just prey to the female,

Well then hook me up and throw me, baby cakes, cuz I like to get hooked.

The clock is set for nine but you know you're gonna make it eight.

All the people that you've loved they're all bound to leave some keepsakes.

I've been swinging all the time, think it's time to learn your way.

I picture you and me together in the jungle it will be ok.

I'll bring you when my lifeboat sails through the night

That is supposing you don't sleep tonight

It's like learning a new language

Helps me catch up on my mime

If you don't bring up those lonely parts

This could be a good time

You come here to me.

We'll pick up those lonely parts and set them down

You come here to me...

She says brief things, her love's a pony

My love's subliminal


Leif Erikson / Interpol

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