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Walk Into Thy Light

Ladies and gentelman, welcome to the sensational and amazing... Carnival of

Carnage! They said it couldnt happen, they said it wouldnt last, but boys and

girls and everyone weve got a carnival for that ass! Tens of thousands of

freaks, sideshows, and fools, a carnival who together lives by there own rules

We looked into the stars, foretold everyone, something dark and wicked this way

comes. We told of oddities, crawling from the dark, and a carnival which we can

all belong. I dwell upon the streets, and I can tell you this: I see some

circus, Juggalo shit going on. People drawn together, by rare and scrubby

music, and we even gather once a year to PUT IT DOWN!

With tilt-a-whirls and merry goes', and carnivals of Faygo, were just trying to

tell you abot the light, right. Now all the Jokers Cards have fallen with

spectacular array, so when the Wraith is calling, walk into the light, right.

I hold a bloody axe, dress in hatchet red, we speak languages people dont

understand. I send Faygo's via punted clear across a stadium in fashon only

fuckin' Juggalos could ever demand. I got ninjas in my bckyard wearing Anybody

Killa paint, Im thinkin'

Insane Clown Posse

Walk Into Thy Light / Insane Clown Posse

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