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Jacobs Word

(Violent J talking)

This a...strange...(voices)...this, there's many, many voices in my head,

many different voices(some are like this)some are like this(some are like

this)some are like this(some are like this)some are like this, some are like


(Violent J)

I hear voices, one voice in paticular

It comes into my mind, perpendicular

Rectangular,it's a..strangular

He's like some kind of mental fuckin' mangular...i dunno

He tells me to punch Esham and Shaggs

So I punch'em, I even call Twiztid fags

They get mad, slap me and smear my makeup

I've named this evil voice, named him Jacob

Jacob tells me "climb the ladder and jump off"

"Head first on the street, don't worry, it's soft"

So I jump, thump, i'm on a gurney

Jacob laughs at me "your so fuckin' nerdy"

Fuck him, I hate him, I can't escape him!

I finally get alone, he calls me on the telephone

"Brrb" "is Violent J there?" here "hey it's Jacob!"

"I want you to piss in your underware, ok bud?"

Sure, i'm pissin' now, it fuckin' tickles

Jacobs dissin' again, I hear his giggles

After I cut all my fingers of for that mother fucker

I've finally had enough

Go see a doctor, Doc, hello

"Hi, have a seat, let's see umm...what is it..Joe?

Yeah, Joe Bruce, my friends call my Chucky "Chucky?"

Either that or Bucky, Fuck Me!!

I'm sorry Doc, it's Jacob again, my name's J

"Tell me J, who's this Jacob anyway?"

I fucking want him dead, it's a voice in my head

I gotta lotta voices, but this one's mislead

He tells me to drink toilet water an shit

"Do you do it?" No..YES!!

I can't help it though, I can't stop it

"J..what I want you to do is drop it" Drop what?

Insane Clown Posse

Jacobs Word / Insane Clown Posse

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