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There It Goes


Give it time man

I'ma be alright

It's fucked up

I'ma be alright

At least I got my rydas, tho


There it goes

Anotha casket dropped unda

In the midst of the rain and thunda

And I wonda

About that watchin' this risk

And why I didn't take that bitch

Anotha funeral

Third night this week

Everybody and they mamma catchin' slugs in the street

I know the reverend by name

He's like Bullet

It's your turn ta run ta Burger King

Mamma told me I had three strikes in life

When I was 18 I got a job at Mike's

Car wash

The place where the bitches be

Till I got mad and slapped Mike and his homie

They called the pig

Then they called my Pop's

I pissed on the vacuum in the back of the shop

It broke on out

Now the cops is on my tail

Cherry on the bitches (?)

If a nigga only fail (?)

Chorus x2:

I'ma Be (Alright)

I'ma Be (Alright)

I'ma Be (Alright)

I'ma Be Alright, but (There it goes)

I coulda been a doctor

Maybe even a president

Instead I slang dope

In a crackhouse resident

Raised in the strip

By pimps and O G's

Rock a girl with ADIDAS

Till the age of 13

Till I caught by the pigs

Slangin' bags and such

Had every last dopehead

Ridin' my nuts

Felt like I was on top of the world

What a head won't do for the bag of a white girl

I had T.V's and VCR's

Stereo systems and stolen cars

More throwaways in the bottom of the river

When I was hungry

Crackheads brought me dinner

I kept Trumph on my bankroll

If I met a fine bitch I'd put her on the stroll

Everything was straight till t

Insane Clown Posse

There It Goes / Insane Clown Posse

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