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(What's wrong)?

(Whut up homie)?

You got a lot of homies, I see that nice

I gotta kinda wonder if you stick like mice or not

When it gets hot who stays, who runs

Who be holding ground, who be bucking like shotguns

You gotta lot a muscle, would they tussle for you?

If there's shit going down would they hussle for you?

Tell me, if you get a number do the tables switch?

Are the type to leave them all hanging, and run like a bitch?

Run away boy,run away boy, hurry up,run away boy, run away boy, hurry, run away

boy, run away boy, hurry up, run away boy, run away boy, HURRY!


Hurry boy go run and hide your ugly face

Hurry boy go run away where you can be safe

Hurry boy go run away, hope they dont give chase

Hurry boy just leave your friends, you need to be safe

(don't worry about them)

(let them come to us)

Give me a tap, heh

I see that we down

But would you hold your ground if there was trouble around?

If muthafuckas dissing are you pissing in your pants or are you jumping in the


Like c'mon and dance?

Tell me this, would you take a bullet for me?

Do you have pride, tell me would you show it for me?

Or would you throw it to me, jump in your car and bail, like see you would'nt

wanna be your pal


Insane Clown Posse

Run! / Insane Clown Posse

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