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New Shit Sampler

yea everyone wants to know whats the new shit sound like what are we like now, did icp sellout "nah hell nah" w hats the new shit like? ill tell ya what the new motha fuckin shits like mutha faco on tha new shit we gonna make a few adjustments. first of all no carnival shit, thats all over with. on tha new shit no more rappin, no more hip hop spin magazine dont like us rappin' therefor we are stuck on tha new shit we gonna sing now la la la la la then imma shoot heroin and slam a guitar. look at us we're ruthless, you picked on me da da da diss no icp. if we rap we'll rap only about smokin' weed, and we're gonna be original now "hey ya'll we smoke weed"( im high ) we smoke chronic and weed and hydro and ces. yea im special i smoke weed thats why im ruthless!! on the new shit we gonna do a song with eddie vedder its just gonna be me and him we gonna go "arharharh" together. HAHA on the new shit we gonna sell the fuck out strickly happiness hehehe oh except for this!! yea, here go a sample of a song called "fuck the world" from icps new album entitled "the amazing jeckel brothers" so check it out... Fuck...fuck dis shit...fuck give it to me if i only could i'd set the world on fire ahhhhh fuck if i only could i'd set the world on fire ahhhh ahhhh if i only could i'd set the world on fire say fuck the world fuck the world!!! if i only could i'd set the world on fire fuck em all fuck em all!!! fuck you! fuck me! fuck us! fuck tom, fuck mary, fuck gus, fuck darius! fuck the west coast and fuck everybody on the east! eat shit and die...fuck off at least fuck preschoolers fuck rulers! kings and queens and gold jewelers! fuck wine coolers fuck chickens fuck ducks everybody in yer crew SUCKS! Punk motherfucks! fuck critics, fuck yer review! even if you like me FUCK YOU! fuck yer mom, fuck yer moms momma fuck the beastie boys and the dhali llama! fuck the rain forest, fuck a forest gump, you prolly like it in the rump! fuck a shoe pump fuck the real dealin, fuck all the fakes FUCK ALL 52 STATES! oooh... and fuck you! hehehe hand me my bell bottoms, where my slacks, yea you wanna know about our new shit. mutha fucka haha turn on mt turn on vh1 you'll see us there mutha fuco if your countin' joker cards number 5 thats near the end "FUCK" and we tryin to get paid so we gonna start back all over again. hahaha and imma hook up with uhh luther vandross and imma do duets with him you dont like it ..fuck you all. and fuck shaggy on the new shit im with a new group. we sing r&b now we're called ...the love troop. on the new shit. from now on dont look, i dance. i dance oh ah uhh in my brand new leather pants "dance bitch" and all the chics are gonna scream when i take my shirt off "look baby my fat jiggles and its plenty soft" i dont need shaggy, i dont need him, he's messin up my flow "FUCK YOU" and fuck violent j from now on call me...silky joe, on my new shit watch my record sells are gonna triple. were gonna go to hollywood parties with cocain on our nipples hahaha shaggy shaggy thats all i hear fuck him he's gone!! except for well ill just let him be on this one song. yea bitch! check this shit out. the song is called "the shaggy show" from insane clown posse's new ablum called "the amazing jeckel brothers" From southwest detroit deep within zug islands industrial waste deopository It's SHAGGY Time!!! Hey, how ya doin down there It's nice to see ya, alright! Waddup ya'll? Welcome to the show I'm Shaggy like you don't fuckin know This is my sidekick, fat pat He goes, hehehe, and all of that Anyway on my way here I almost died This bitch in front of me was like 105 They worry about drunks and late night truckers Old ass bitches tryin to kill motha fuckas This lady's got her left blinker on for an hour or more Then she makes a right into my side door This comedy shit's gettin old The game is to be sold, not to be told You can feel the excitment right? Snoop Dogg is with us tonight hahaha thats what I'm sayin Shit, on the Shaggy Show shiit we ain't playin And that ain't it, also on the show Anotha motha fucka that well, most of ya know You see 'em with me a lot, he's like a brother VIOLENT J'S IN THIS MOTHA FUCKA I like that kid Violent J Hey Mike "Whats up?" how ya doin today? "Just great Shaggz" well thats great Lets give a hand, to Mike E. Clark and that gangsta fun band! We'll be right back with Violent J! yea maybe we can get on familypalooza, maybe if we clean up our act a little we can get on some shit. no what im sayin like a tibetan freedom concert. put me on that bitch yea on the new shit no more twiztid or myzery. we're gonna start hanging out with cool groups like....orgy yea on the new shit we're gonna tour and do radio festivals cause i really wanna be one of radio's hoes play us play us play us on your radio station. i'll rub baby oil on your butt just for a little rotation. i want mtv to play me 57 times a day. "58!" right between backstreet boys and natalie imbububuray "whew" so when they stop playin us, i can fall of the mat, and beg them bitches pleease bring us back, on my new shit no more of this clown make up ya'll thats dirty, whats cool now is g'strings and a bra! look im in a dress and look at my new craaazy eye! i look scary and spooky and scary ohhhh on the new shit no more wicked clown songs..just fishnet and thongs excpt for this one check out some of this shit. here go a track called "terrible". yea its from ICP's new album and 5th jokers card entitled " the amazing jeckel brothers" Motha fucka! You don't know shit do ya? You wouldn't know shit if it whiped kicked you in your ugly bitch ass face You ain't even begun to expierence drama motha fucka Your mamma, your motha fuckin big fat chicken faced assed mamma Don't even know about this drama, MOTHA FUCKA! Oh my god look at that, turn it up please Poor Nancy Kerrigan's sweet little knees Somebody took her black thing and went thug Thats terrible he heard about it for months What about that one nobody guy that they found dead in the grass With his dick in his, ass Unless there was more But you won't recall cuz Micheal Jackson squeezed up on some little kids balls What you concider DRAMA it ain't all that It's just that your whack With Intergalactic satellite data compress YES but we can't feed the homeless And then OJ's big story unfolded Everybody watched that while Okalahoma exploded 900 good reasons why this world don't really care Thats what it costs for a wheel chair!! Terrible What ya know it's terrible Terrible, you don't know whats terrible (2x)

Insane Clown Posse

New Shit Sampler / Insane Clown Posse

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