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Intro ( The Amazing Jeckel Brothers )

Hello there sir.

Well I'll tell ya, I've lived around here all my life

and I never once noticed this place.

You need a sign out there or somethin buddy,

probably bring some business to the joint.

Yes, how may I help you today?

I'm lookin for some kind of uh...

some kind of clock or somethin, somethin for the old man.

He collects old shit like this and I figured,

I figured I'd get 'em somethin before he dies and rots on me ya know?

Ah, well perhaps you can use a gift yourself?

Well, I'm not much for old shit like this myself.

But I insist, I have somethin just right for you.

This will help you find more then you are looking for.

A candle huh? Yeah well maybe I'm in the wrong place.

Consider it a gift from your neighbor.

But I heh....have electricity in my house.

No, this is no ordinary candle by boy.

Come closer and witness the light

that this magical candle will shed upon your life.

Listen uh, I really gotta get goin.

Witness my friend, witness the light, of the Amazing Jeckel Brothers!

Insane Clown Posse

Intro ( The Amazing Jeckel Brothers ) / Insane Clown Posse

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