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Hound Dogs

w/ ICP, Blaze

Shit motha fuckin hound dogs what? Swingin from my balls so hard

it's like I got a third nut And look, I don't care who you know bitch,

lookin fine Get the FUCK back to the end of the line Like the hoe said

you's my cousin Like my mamma and your mamma are sisters or

somethin Oh yeah we down go ahead let 'em in BLAH Nuckle

hammers to the chin Be down with me and I'll be down back Put my

dick in your mouth, your gonna hear your neck snap In fact hoe,

FUCK out my bus ask questions like a mut But they down to front You

see 'em, come you see go you see 'em come again From my dick to

twiztids dick and then me To Violent J's dick, then blazes dick Try to

grope us with they balls GOD DAMN HOUND DOGS Bow wow wow

yippy yo yippy yay Hound dogs ain't got shit to say Bow wow wow

yippy yo yippy yay Give a dog a bone, give a dog a bone (2x) Whats

the whole meanin of a hound dog, what Butt sniffin dick lickin all

kinda role yall I'm in a club, smokin on a square Step on out to get a

little fresh air But I can't do that I get attacked like a cardiac People

runnin side to back like sianak Ain't nothin wrong with givin me

props But actin like the punk ass cop swingin off my nuts gotta stop

Walk around spreadin rumors like you know Cuz you heard me tell a

hoe after a show Only I don't play that shit one bit Fuck around and

get your head cut off right quick Psychopathic bitch boy meet the

axe Specializin splittin hound dogs backs Plottin against the whole

world of facts So get off my dick, and I'm out like that Alright ya'll

Wait com here, oh my god you don't remember me? Nah I had a cush

on you for like 9 years I don't know you fat bitch It's me Jenny I sat

behind you in Ms. Crawberry's chemesty class Bitch I ain't even go

to school No I'm saying if you were to sit there it woulda been the

shit You think you could sign my shirt? Hehehehehe yeah I

remember school Hoes back then like "Joe Bruce eewwwww" Years

passed by and look I'm a start Now all them hoes like "Joe Bruce

ahhhhh" I'm still that nerdy ass voodoo nut Now I got hound doggs

sniffin my butt I could have a worm hangin outta my dick hole And

they'd be like "Well I think it's cute though" Missed me with all that I

ain't changed any Look at me I make Big Pun look skinny I'm ugly as

fuck, resemblin a cling-on Hoes still let me give my ding-a-ling a

swing on Whats up with these pop kids buyin my shit Mainstreem

groupies get off my dick I wanna see real juggalos at shows Fuck

these backstreet richie fake hoes Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay

Hound dogs ain't got shit to say Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay

Give a dog a bone, give a dog a bone (2x) You don't even know who

the fuck I am That bitch's like "Who's his friend" god DAMN My lips

is crusty, my feets is musty Lift up my nuts and my itch is dusty I ain't

had pussy in eleven years I been dead, ain't nobody sheadin tears

Look bitch I don't give a fuck about fame Glock cocked cuz you

bitches cuz I'm married to the game Ain't no shame for the shit I

speak Slap hound dog bitches in the face for weeks Freak I see you

hatin on my Raiders cap When back in the day you was all about

that Shot that ass out back in '89 Berry wearin lopes and is clocked

for mine Rose from the dead with the lotus clique My gun played out

and I ain't changin SHIT Hey aren't you Monoxide Child? Thats right

bitch Right the skinny one, my best friend John's supposed to be

cousins with you or somethin Who? So like I figured if you give me

your phone number I could give it to him and maybe we all could

hang out or something Whatever Oh my god it's blaze, hey dead

homie Yous a hound dog bitch allow me smack your face Riding on

my dick, how my nuts taste Everyplace that I go somebody want a

photograph Or and autograph can I get a tap How did ya'll get started

your shit is really tight And what be motivatin ya'll to grab a pen and

write Listen hear bitch I'm a killer in desguise Twiztid motha fucka

with the milk white eyes I despise while you try to perpetrate like a

juggalo But you ain't down motha fucka you's a juggahoe Hey hoe

your afraid of the facts Never packin a gat and always seen with an

axe Take anotha picture and I'll break your jaw I got an 80 pound

punch for each and all of ya'll Motha fucka with tha bitch ass hound

dog face My ass cracks exsposed, go ahead and get a taste Bow

wow wow yippy yo yippy yay Hound dogs ain't got shit to say Bow

wow wow yippy yo yippy yay Give a dog a bone, give a dog a bone

(4x) It be the same hound dogs in different cities Starin at me like

I'm a set of titties Autographin t-shirts hats and socks And this bitch

don't even know riddle box Real juggalo's don't want no picture They

just walk up like "What up NINJA" After that they give a fuck were I'm

headin Their like FUCK HIM were lookin for neden And I don't need

anymore free tatoos Got my arms lookin like Motley Crues I could be

talkin to the finest bitch in the land And you'd run up like "Hey what

up man?" Thats when I slap you right on the spot And have Billy Bill

beat ya down in the parkin lot Do I think I'm better cuz neden comes

easy? Fo' Sheezy bitch Bottom line ya'll get off our balls

Psychopathic out like Biggy Smalls

Insane Clown Posse

Hound Dogs / Insane Clown Posse

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