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Bonus Track

"I hope you enjoyed your ride on the Terror Wheel. But it isn't over

just yet. We have a phone number for you to call to hear the name

of the third joker's card. The area code is 1-313, and for the rest

of it, listen to the rhymes and match the numbers that go with them.


Call 1-313...

Call 1-313...

Call 1-313...

Call 1-313...

The rest

Unlock the door, and what's in store

Will be with you forever more

The number is (four)

I've come to relate I never saw the gate

All I saw was hate

So the number is (eight)

Everywhere I go there's a juggalo

And he's my hero

The number is (zero)

The juggalos key will forever be

Hand in hand with me

The number is (three)

The essence of time, yours was mine

Inside the rhyme you will find

The number (nine)

The moon and the sun, the sword and the gun

Is what I've become

Now the number is (one)

Now I will go a carnival show

Figure out the rhymes and you'll know

The last number (zero)

(Phone number: 1-313-480-3910)

Call to reveal the third joker's card

Call to reveal the third joker's card

Insane Clown Posse

Bonus Track / Insane Clown Posse

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