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Samhain (Pagan HalloEen)

From the west comes old Death

A-riding on the storm

With hungry eyes for funeral fires

To burn till the morrow's dawn

For tis the night, here comes the dead

Unbound from the Underworld

And the children dress as the babes of Hell

All the boys and all the girls

And the fires shall burn

And the wheel of life shall turn

And the dead come back home on Samhain

And in the night sky on the lunar light they fly

And the dead come back home on Samhain

At the Sabbat high on the funeral hill

Wait the witches at the feast

For the first winter's day

The first winter's sun

A-rising in the east

For Death has come for the summertime

And to take the leaves of spring

Hecate, Nemesis, Dark Mother take us in

Inkubus Sukkubus

Samhain (Pagan HalloEen) / Inkubus Sukkubus

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