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Up In Smoke

Up in Smoke" is an Emily Saliers song, dating from early 1987, I

believe. I think that it's one of the most pop-oriented tunes Emily

has written, and it would fit in nicely with "Closer to Fine" and

"Hammer and a Nail." It's just catchy as all get-out. And I happen

to think that's a good thing.

Up in Smoke.

They took away my garden

To make room for a chemical plant

I feel my country's arteries harden

With the aid of a government grant


We are not a bunch of upstarts

Just out looking for a cause

We hunger for our justice

And not applause

We don't just make peace signs and meditate

We don't take this thing as a joke

We just want to relate - we're in a pretty bad state

And we don't want to go up in smoke

My water has got cancer

And the rivers have all dried

While I watch my country practice

Nuclear suicide


Don't think it's impossible

To see this thing come clean

We're going to save this poor old world's head

From the guillotine


They took away my garden

(My water has got cancer)

To make room for a chemical plant

(And the rivers have all dried)

I feel my country's arteries harden

(While I watch my country practice)

Nuclear suicide


Oh Lord, we don't want to see our children go up in smoke

Индиго Герлз

Up In Smoke / Индиго Герлз

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