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Squeaky Fromme

The Ballad of Squeaky Fromme" is an Amy Ray song from about 1987.

(Since it's subject is topical, I'm sure that anyone who wants a more

exact date can easily get one.) Once again, Amy tends to improvise a

lot on this song, so I just took a number of versions, and kinda

averaged 'em together.

The Ballad of Squeaky Fromme

I'm scared as hell,

'Cause Squeaky's out of jail.

I can feel her close behind me,

Like the devil on my heels.

They say she's heading for California,

Or maybe for DC;

I'm sittin' here down in Georgia,

Arguing with my family.

The contras called a truce,

But they broke it in an hour;

And now someone's sittin' in the Tower of Babel,

He's givin' them that power.

They stop the war in Bethlehem,

Just to let sweet Jesus pass;

But how much does he really mean,

When they screw him over behind his back?

I can feel 'em closin' in,

And I hope she understands,

That society and me,

Now we aren't necessarily hand in hand.

She's broken all her bonds,

Got no superficial causes,

She gave up all her chances,

To live inside the law.

Squeaky, peace on earth -

Will you tell me what it's worth?

From the inside out I'd let you in

I think that you might understand.

Squeaky, in your mixed-up mind,

You may not be so blind.

From the inside out I'd let you in

I think that you might understand -

That God is in my heart,

But the Devil is in my bones.

And Squeaky, you are not alone.

(Ad lib to end

Индиго Герлз

Squeaky Fromme / Индиго Герлз

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