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None But The Rain

Well, in honor of this being my last regularly scheduled post for a

while, I thought I'd go with tradition and post some kind of lyric,

as per usual. And then I thought again, and I decided that I should

post something entirely non-indigo related, again, as per usual. So,

I argued with myself, did a little haggling, and came up with a

compromise: a non-indigo lyric. However, it IS another one of those

somgs about leaving (y'all are going to think we're all depressed)...

It's a Townes Van Zant song that Mary-Chapin Carpenter occasionally

does live, as a duet with her keyboard player, Jon Carroll. It's

called "None but the Rain."

None But the Rain.

We had our day, and now it's over

We had our song, and now it's all sung

We took our stroll through summer's clover

But summer's gone, baby, and the walking's done.

So, tell me gently, who'll be your lover?

Who'll be your lover after I am gone?

Will it be the moon that hears your sighing?

Will it be the willow that hears your lonesome sigh?

Will it be the rain that clings to your bosom?

Will it be the sunshine that dries your golden hair?

Will it be the wind that warns of my returning?

Will the rose be in your arms when I find you waiting there?

None but the rain shall cling to my bosom

None but the moon shall hear my lonesome sighs

None but the wind shall warn of my returning

So fare thee well, my love, goodbye

Индиго Герлз

None But The Rain / Индиго Герлз

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