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Life Blood

Lifeblood" is an Emily Saliers song from the 1986 Indigo Girls EP.

I think the last time I heard it performed live was March of 1990.

I'm transcribing the lyrics straight off of the lyric sheet from the

EP, not from the song itself.

Another night in a successsion

Thinly glued with beer and wine

It's a precarious profession

Every day at work sees your heart on the line

Maybe I should have gone to business school

Or gained myself a respectable trade

Or stayed in childhood where the shade keeps you cool

Making my living selling lemonade



But running through my veins

Are the words and the refrains

As if they were my lifeblood itself

And I can't stay alive on the food of 9 to 5

If my dreams were just old pictures on the shelf


I remember the folks said give it a try

Or you'll never know who you might have been

And just remember, nothing is the end of the world

Until the world comes to an end

Still, there's a point to this philosophy

Of taking a look at who you are

Still sometimes all I have to help me see

Are all the mirrors behind the bar




Musical Interlude



Индиго Герлз

Life Blood / Индиго Герлз

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