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Kid Fears

Author: Indigo Girls

Album title: Indigo Girls

Kid Fears

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Pain from pearls - hey little girl -

how much have you grown?

Pain from pearls - hey little girl -

flower for the ones you've known.


Are you on fire,

from the years?

What would you give for your

kid fears?

Secret staircase, running high,

you had a hiding place.

Secret staircase, running low,

but they all know, now you're inside.


Skipping stones, we know the price now

any sin will do

How much further, if you can spin.

How much further, if you are smooth.



Replace the rent with the stars above

Replace the need with love.

Replace the anger with the tide.

Replace the ones, the ones, the ones, that you love.




Originally submitted by ?

Reformatted and extracted to a single lyric file by Doug Henkle

Индиго Герлз

Kid Fears / Индиго Герлз

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