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I Shall Be Released

I Shall Be Released" is a 1967 Bob Dylan song that the Girls have

been doing on occasion for several years now. It usually functions

as an encore, and features numerous guests. The version that I'm

transcribing is from the lyric sheet the girls used at the Fox

theater, on October 30th, 1989. There are subtle variations from

Dylan's lyrics - gender references, such as "They say every man

needs..." are changed to the non-specific "They say everyONE

needs..." In fact, in the third verse, Amy had already written

Dylan's "Is a man who swears he's not to blame," but she crossed it

out, and amended it to "Is someone who...." It's a minor difference,

but it's kinda significant... like the way the Girls change Robert

Hunter's "Goddamn, well, I declare" to "Sister, well, I declare" in

their version of "Uncle John's Band."

(By the way, I'm transcribing the lyric sheet exactly as I see it,

including performance notes... "Michelle" refers to Michelle


I Shall Be Released Key: A

Michelle ---> 1

They say everything can be replaced (A Bm)

Yet every distance is not near (C#min D A)

So, I remember every face (A Bm)

Of everyone who put me here. (C#min D A)

Everyone ---> Chorus

I see my light come shining (A Bm)

From the west unto the east (C#min D A)

Anyday now, any day now, (A Bm)

I shall be released.

Emily ---> 2

They say everyone needs protection,

They say everyone must fall

Yet I swear I see my reflection

Some place so high above this wall

Everyone ---> Chorus

I see my light come shining

From the west unto the east

Anyday now, any day now

I shall be released.

Solos / jams

Amy ---> 3

Standing next to me in this lonely crowd,

Is someone who swears he's not to blame.

All day long I hear him shout so loud

Crying out that he's been framed.

Everyone ---> Chorus

I see my light come shining

From the west unto the east

Anyday now, anyday now

I shall be released

Индиго Герлз

I Shall Be Released / Индиго Герлз

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