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Daddys All Gone

Daddy's All Gone" is a James Taylor song. A live IG version appears

on "Shades of Indigo." If you ask me, that song alone is worth the

price of the disc. Em really shines, I think. Especially on the

word "train" that goes on forever... what SOUL... ooooh.

And her solo guitar arrangement is cool, too.

Daddy's All Gone.

Don't have much to say

Thought I'd call you up anyway

Just to try and tell you the way

That I feel today -

Oh, I miss you baby.

Sure, I'm on the road

I don't need to say much more

Just the same old well known stranger

That I was before -

Seems like yesterday.

Daddy's all gone

He's just a halfway home

He's holding on to the telephone

Singing "Please -

Don't let the show go on."

There's a bus every other hour

Even a midnight train

But that don't leave me the power

To see your face again -

It's not that simple anymore.

You see, there's a room full of smiling faces

And there's a man standing by the door

When he says it's time we take our places

And get down on the floor -

Oh, I'd like to kill him, baby.

Daddy's all gone

He's just a halfway home

He's hanging on to the microphone

Singing "Please -

Don't let the show go on

Индиго Герлз

Daddys All Gone / Индиго Герлз

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